MMM4 = Marcus Krain

MMM4 has experience with labels on Spotify Playlisting, Curation, and A&R work. MMM4 also manages artists Caal Vo with over 1,700,000 streams on all Spotify songs combined, and Nate Peso with over 16,000 streams on all Spotify songs combined. MMM4 also previously managed Dcxshy who had 815,000 streams on all Spotify songs combined. MMM4 was responsible for the viral campaign which lead to Caal Vo becoming a hot topic in the underground, with him creating memes of Caal Vo doing gangnem style (and other memes) for pages @undergroundsound and @hyperpopdaily. With Dcxshy, he helped him rollout his album n3, mix the song Blue (featuring izaya tiji), promote his EP lifestyle 2, and many more rolls as manager. 

MMM4 also has a combined following of over 20,000 across spotify. Starting out as the number 1 playlist for all underground music in early 2021, with the rise of artists YEAT, Kankan, Tana, Autumn!, and many more, his playlist served as go to playlist for the underground. It perfectly aligned with the underground being given the spotlight through tik tok, becoming a place to find new artists before their blowup. MMM4 would also at this time start a meme page (which is now turned into his mainpage) which had an array of viral posts based around the OPIUM roster (Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely, Playboi Carti, etc). All of these moves would be done at the right time, as many of these niche interests would soon become mainstream. MMM4 would continue to do playlisting expanding out into more focused playlists with him having a strategy of finding viral music before it goes viral, as well as putting focus on playlist visuals to stand out.

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